Our company strives to produce the highest quality, non-toxic, natural pet products for owners seeking healthy and safe pet care alternatives.

All Canyon Meadow products are gentle and can be used for pets with sensitive skin as often as required.

Our chemical free products do not contain any steroids, hormones or alcohol.

Canyon Meadow Natural Coat & Body Care products are the result of many years of development and have been formulated from the finest of natural ingredients.

Our high quality natural products are guaranteed to deliver truly exceptional results.

If you are not completely satisfied with a Canyon Meadow product, please return the unused portion along with your sales receipt for a complete refund.

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Canyon Meadow Natural Pet Products
P.O. Box 33
Walhachin BC
Canada  V0K 2P0
(US & Canada)
Tel: 778-257-0020

Ear Wash
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