What is it?
Canyon Meadow Natural Ear Wash is a gentle effective natural ear solution which has been formulated to clean your dog's ears without potentially harmful steroids and alcohol.

What does it do?
Provides fast relief for itchy, smelly ears, which may appear red, raw or greasy. Regular use will prevent mites, wax build up, ear scratching and "swimmer's ear".

What's in it? (click an ingredient for more info)
Distilled WaterGrapefruit Seed ExtractLavender OilOrganic Aloe VeraOrganic Apple Cider VinegarOstrich OilTea Tree OilWitch HazelYucca Extract

How is it used?
Point spout into ear canal. Squeeze bottle to release enough drops to partially fill the ear canal. Hold the ear flap shut before the pet has a chance to shake it out. Massage the fur and skin around the base of the ear canal to help loosen wax and dirt. Release the pet and let them shake out the excess solution. Use a cotton ball or tissue to gently wipe the liquid, dissolved wax and dirt from the ear. See 'Washing Dogs Ears' tip for more information.

Finishing Touches Ear Mites Washing Dogs Ears

Shipped in 2 - 3 Days CM1698EWR 118 ml / 4 fl oz $16.98