What is it?
Our soap is a unique blend of Natural Oils, Essential Oils & Herbs. Canyon Meadow Soap has a silky lather and easily rinses clean.

What does it do?
Canyon Meadow Soap contains Essential Fatty Acids (Omega's 3-6-9) which compliment the oils in your pet's coat, leaving it moisturized & conditioned with an incredible shine. A deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids results in a rough dry coat, shedding and dandruff. Our soap is formulated to provide gentle, effective care for delicate skin and all coat types. Regular use will keep the hair follicles healthy and preserve the natural moisture of the dermis and epidermis.

What's in it? (click an ingredient for more info)
AgrimonyCedar Wood OilCitronellaCoconut and Palm Kernel OilEucalyptusOstrich OilPenny RoyalTansy

How is it used?
Wet your dog with warm water and apply the soap in the direction of the fur growth until the entire coat is covered with lather. Gently massage the soap into the roots. Rinse and repeat if necessary. See 'Bathing a Dog' tip for more information.

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Shipped in 2 - 3 days CM0998MSR 110 grams / 4 oz $9.98